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Design has gone through the transformation from visually appealing to the tool of user-friendly experience becoming essential part of the brand management, product and service design. The Design is expanding to new areas of public transport, healthcare, policy-level structures and overall customer experience. This article investigates notions of choice architecture, collective experience, innovation lead.


Oxford DIctionary defines design as “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other objects before it is made.” Traditionally, it has approached for discrete solutions like product, building, service. As designers have increased their presence in the brand building, their skills found an influence for building the bigger picture with precision and detail. Strategic design redefines the way challenges are approached, decisions are made, and enhance an overall customer experience. There are numerous surveys underlining an effect of design, usage of colours, and structures.

The first step in creating design that works is to comprehend the powers influencing brand and clients. Brand Agency Punda identifies four main points that influence the formation of leading companies. The graph illustrates the source of demand for strategic desig is born and its influences to environment.

Brans identity structure by Brand Agency Punda

Citizen experience

Strategic design concentrates on human experiencing the product or services combined with other external factors. For instance, reinventing cities. Once an architect gets her hands on data gathered from surveys or social media, the transformation begins. A group of journalist, software engineer, architect and map maker, and graphic designer, created the new digital maps – Tags and the City. The team has combined well-known transit maps of megapolises like New York, Berlin, Paris and the San Francisco Bay Area with experiences of people shared on Instagram. Analyzing tags around most popular subway stations and omitting temporary exhibitions and pop-ups, Tags and the City demonstrates what the city is about. For example, in New York citizens and tourists are all about food and drinks while Paris takes the breath with its views. The project helps to see the lifestyles and preferences that people describe through the photography. Later the combination of the Tags and the City with travel agencies and businesses could bring a better collective experience.

Source: Tags and the City


Starting from academia and behavioural sciences, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein have come up with the Theory of Nudging and Choice Architecture. On average, the adult makes about 35,000 decisions per day. It includes everything from what to have for breakfast, which fork to choose, and up to whom to hire for a job. As a result, many decisions are made without a second thought. And while it is expected to consider several options and learn about them before pressing “done”, the priorities usually makes humans to skip those steps at large. For instance, to gain desirable outcomes, governments use laws and restrictions. However, not everything could, or even should, be defined. Thaler and Cass have formed a new theory to tackle this challenge – paternal libertarianism. “By libertarianism, we mean protecting peoples’ right to choose,” Thaler said. “By paternalism, all we mean is caring about peoples’ outcomes. We want to devise policies that will make people better off, not worse off, as judged by them. It’s not that Cass and I think we know what’s best for you or anyone else. It’s that we think we can help people make choices that they themselves think are better.”

How do those professors offer to make utopian paternalism work? The answer is choice architecture. The theory account for personal and collective phycological tricks adapting options available for people using defaults, framing or decoy. While writers give an example of their work in policy-making, Google is developing a choice architecture to help people not to forget to add an attachment to the email or check spelling. Acknowledging a power of choice architecture improves the consumer experience and improves the effectiveness of daily tasks in a long-term action.

Global Consultancies
buying agencies

Global consulting market growth

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending is expected to rise to $305 billion in 2019 from $230 billion this year. Leading consultancy firms have adapted to a new strategy that will reinvent the brand management at the whole. Acknowledging a power of design as a strategic tool, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, McKinsey and PricewaterhouseCoopers are acquiring advertising agencies worldwide. In February 2016, Delloite has expanded its digital operations by buying San Francisco’s 112-person heat agency. Along with others agencies purchases, Deloitte Digital boosts its global revenue reaching $3.1 billion. Consultancy business spreads extending its influence on the brand communication.

Insight Box

Consumer experience is a process when the different functionalities would best together supplementing each other and design for the end-customer. Strategic design allows to capture human versatility and to deliver the most beneficial outcome. Design creates meaning that ensures longevity and sustainability.

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