Computing sciences invade schools

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In fast changing and demanding world teachers have heavy goals to achieve. How to give students useful skills for their future, which is frankly unpredictable? The only thing we can be completely sure is that the future is built on understanding of computers and related technologies. Innovative solutions for education are already introduced to us.

Turning education to a game
or game to education

Quest To Learn is an innovative upper and middle school in NYC, motivated to graduate design thinkers with strong problem solving skills. The school uses core principles of game design as a framework to help students become lifelong learners. Every compulsory subject is integrated with technological and information era demands. Starting already in 6th grade children learn fundamentals of game design. Moreover, the whole education system in the school is built on quests and in order to reach the final goal students have to solve one problem after another, implementing knowledge of arts, math, languages and many other[nbsp]subjects. This way, using analogue and digital games, students stay encouraged and inspired throughout the studying process.

Raspberry is not a tasty
berry anymore

Developed in the UK by educational charity Raspberry Pi Foundation couple of years ago, Raspberry Pi has sold more than 3 millions of its products. The credit-card sized computer that plugs into a screen, with a keyboard and a mouse, was created as a low cost personal computer for students to learn computing. The capabilities of this small device are unbelievable as it can manage all the tasks that regular personal computer can do. The computer has built-in programs to aid learning process. For example, The Scratch, a visual programming environment, is designed to create games, animation, artwork and much[nbsp]more. High school teacher from New Jersey shared her experience in engaging students to learn literature with building book-based games on Raspberry Pi. Students were[nbsp]thrilled with the opportunity to use information from the book creating their own games that they forgot the time and had to be reminded when the class came to an end.

With Raspberry Pi’s capabilities it was just a matter of time when inventors all around the world started to transform it into something bigger than just a computer. Its ability to interact with the outside world was used to create a variety[nbsp]of digital maker projects. One of the examples is a feature-rich Internet Doorbell that sends you notification or provides you with video of who is at your door.

Construction Of Action-
Oriented Knowledge

Project promoting life-long learning is Finnable 2020 coordinated by CICERO Learning Network at University of Helsinki. One of four work packages designed by Finnable 2020 is Boundless Classroom. Taking advantage of widely spread computing devices, web-based platform MoViE for mobile video experiences was created. Using MoViE students create, edit, share and remix collaborative digital storytelling projects with simple video from mobile devices. Video-based learning methods encourage students to unlock their creative potential of modern communication technologies, work together in a groups, explore their ideas and become creators, producers, and active learning participants. Moreover, digital storytelling enables cross-cultural students and teachers’ collaboration in local and global learning network. By all means, the project prepares young generation to develop innovative ideas on how to create and use new technologies.

Insight box

Evolution of technology drives the demand on computing science skills. Programing and computing lessons will be implemented to[nbsp]education systems all around the world building[nbsp]new foundation[nbsp]of technology skilled generation.

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