New era of women executives driving the world

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Power dynamics between men and women are shifting rapidly. Will women “run the world”? Only time will show us, but ladies all around the world are moving towards executive position, and the gender gap is decreasing. If the percentage of women as a workforce is nearly equal to percentage of men, yet, at the top levels of business, women remain under-represented. But, as researches show, it is just a matter of time.

Changing the traditional concept

According to the European Commission, throughout last couple of years, share of woman executives almost doubled, reaching 17% in 2013 and is expected to grow. At the same time number of women with tertiary education in Europe has been growing for years, and now amounts to 5% higher than that of men.

Historical situation of men behind the wheel comes to an end. Women started to stand up for themselves and their rights to occupy leadership roles, but it didn’t happen instantly. Owning to feministic movements in 20th century, investments to women’s education increased over the past years and, consequently, work places became accessible for both genders. When in EU and USA education gender rates and middle-class work markets are relatively equal, Asian countries have just started to implement their practices. Nevertheless, the trend is obvious.

Woman with superpowers

Popularization of strong women in leading, decision-making positions is what world meets nowadays. Programs and networks along with awards, like British Women of the Future awards, worldwide Athena Network, Stanford’s Executive Program for Women Leaders and many others, are devoted to[nbsp]supporting and mentoring strong businesswomen around the world.

Movies bring up the concept of a woman-hero holding the gun and running the companies. Pop-culture presents strong Lady Gaga, Madonna fighting for the women rights, Girls run the world hit song from Beyoncé. The idea of home sitting wife is substituted with a romantic man taking parental vacation.

In addition, governments approach to promote women’s leadership. For instance, the Nordic countries, where women’s right to vote declared in early 1900s, gender quota is implemented and countries have now the highest percentages of women in parliament as well as in managing top positions in private companies. One of the examples is the Swedish recruitment agency Women Executive Search presenting positions in middle management, executive management and board level for female candidates. Due to government regulations, increasing numbers of companies are working actively to increase the fraction of women in leading positions and WES offers diverse candidates, who possess the right skills and experience.

Insight box

Closure of gender gap has an influence to the lifestyle – man become staying at home person. This changes the attitude to marketing approach of grocery and household goods. The orientation for female market evolves to unisex product promotion.

Young women already
drive the society

According to Forbes’ list 30 Under 30 who are moving the world, out of 600 young innovators and high-achievers in 20 fields 50% of presented are females.

Last year, young Pakistani girl Malala and her book “I am Malala” were one the most-spoken topics, making Malala the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Winner. As a female education activist, Malala brought attention to gender equality problems in the Islamic culture and attracted investments to educational sector for women, which eventually will create rise in labour market and cause country economic growth and development.

Another female, who took control of her own destiny, is the youngest self-made female billionaire in 2014. At the age of 19 Elizabeth Holmes dropped out from Stanford to build her own blood testing company Theranos. She’s worth $4.5 billion according to Forbes’ estimate, with[nbsp]her 50% stake in her company. How 19-years girl pulled it through? “Intellectual dominance; she knows the subject,” says former secretary of state, Henry Kissinger.

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