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New momentum for outsourcing model of cooperation and outsourcing-like working environment is to change business processes

Outsource to focus on
the core business

Outsourcing is a trend going full steam ahead. With constant changes and progress, time to find expert to fulfil companies new needs might be not only time consuming but heavy in investments as well. Outsourcing companies are professionals with plenty of experience and there is no need to explain them an exciting or upcoming problem, they already have the solutions to overtake them and to predict the outcome.

One of the biggest outsourcing needs of today is marketing and IT spheres. These areas have undergone some of the biggest changes with media development and Big Data possibilities. Specialized agencies already know inside out how to steer new challenges. Moreover, there is lack of up-to-date professionals and the best ones are not only expensive, but also already taken by, again, outsourcing companies.

Growth of outsourcing influences
self-employment augment

What to expect from the future? The growth of self-employment or employment in small enterprises. With the latest technologies, a lot more people can do their own things. The possibilities to turn ideas into reality without the need to join a giant organization and give up a large amount of its value are very tempting. The global outcome for effectively self-employed world is a massive increase of productivity and individual wellbeing.

Moreover, education is moving forward to prepare students for self-employment and independent work performance. Many educational programs blend face-to-face learning in schools with home learning. Half of the week students attend live classes and the other 2-3 days are spent at home working on individual or self-paced online assignments. This way, students learn to control their time, pace and place by themselves in order to develop strong independent skills.

Crowdsourcing – customer engagement
strategy to boost the competitive

Crowdsourcing is an innovative way to drive value for customers and develop the business. Known for its low cost, fast delivery speed and diversity of options crowdsourcing gains bigger popularity all over the world. One of biggest crowdsourcing project maker is Coca Cola, shifting its business model to a more open one. Namely, its open-sourced “Shaping a better future Grand Challenge” was a competition with a money prize for creating programs, which are addressed to the world’s most challenging societal issues. Number of programs was launched and the winning project was “Kalpa Vrishka,” or “The Tree of Wishes”. It is a network of mobile apps to match organizations and charities in most need with willing donors and philanthropists. Alternatively to this, there are plenty of crowdsourcing platforms where client can order any type of work and have[nbsp]it done by users from all around the world for a fee. The process has proved its effectiveness in many cases and has a tendency to change traditional way of doing the business.

Insight box

When talking about outsourcing we mean reducing costs on account of services by other companies, extension of expertise, technology and geographic delivery. Outsourcing will play a big role in near future due to lack of professionals and experts as well as globalization bringing possibilities of worldwide cooperation. For quite a long time a lot of manufacturers have lowered their costs by contracting out call centres and production to Asia due to low-cost workforce. But nowadays outsourcing is to evolve into crowdsourcing and open new doors for self-employment. All of them will increase productivity, reduce investments, increase ROI and individual wellbeing.

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