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Technologies breakthrough has changed our world in a matter of decades. We explore the influence of the changes and track the outcomes. Determining the future trends, we provide with possible ways not only to adapt to a new world but how to lead it.

Focusingfuture.com explores and shares foresight for tomorrow´s market development and consumer values. Welcome to Arena, where new habits and a variety of innovations blend to create new perspectives. Focusingfuture.com is a media for tomorrow’s tone. We want to inspire you all to reinvent the world.

Focusingfuture.com is the product of Brand Agency Punda´s Insight Team. The portal is based on Punda´s long-term work with foresight consultancy and brand development. Our Insight Team predicts the long-term trends and foresees the challenges. We conduct market and customer research, creating the base for strategy development. We also deliver continuous insight reports with analysis of strategy situation in changing market environment. Brand Agency Punda is totally independent and privately owned company.

Let’s take the conversation out

Focusingfuture.com prompts companies, innovators, developers and science communities to share their insights, ideas, and innovations. Our Insight Team provides new insights and innovative solutions every week and ready for discussions.

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Our vision is our mission

Our vision is to aid our clients in aspiring long-term success with the focus on future development.

We know that to succeed, company has to lead the markets and set the trends instead of following them. Well-analysed market insights ensure accurate and far-sighted decision-making process. Creating new vision is challenging and needs well-analysed ground information combined with experience and skills. This process needs a pragmatic and knowledge-intensive partnership to be handled successfully.

Please, don´t hesitate to contact us to discuss future co-operation and partnership opportunities:

  • Insight, Foresight, and Strategy
    Surveys, analyses, scenario works, strategy programs
  • Brand Management
    Strategy, concept and service design, mar com partnership
  • Internal Brand Management
    Cascading programs, service design, internal communication solutions

We are willing to serve you globally in any part of the world. More information on our website www.punda.fi

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