Getaway to stars: space jam

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The space exploration is hunting humanity since the time of dawn. The overpopulation of our planet and exhaustion of the natural resources keep scientists looking up to the sky. And if for now, living outside the Earth is still a dream, taking advantage of the outer space is a reality. So how will satellites influence our lives and business world in the upcoming decades?

for connectivity

The value of the future is knowledge and ability to utilize it. Knowledge will be produced via smart technologies which will be connected to each other and data centers. The companies owning satellites will obtain the power as they will be the connecting chain for the digital world operations. Robotics and advances in IoT cut down the need of human force in manufacturing, making the choice of locating the factories dependent less on the work price and more on the logistics and connectivity possibilities. Satellites can provide information on construction development, monitoring shipping and port traffics, improve cloud services, connection speed, etc. Therefore, the next decades will determine who will hold the power over the connection.

As a result, there is an increasing number of companies offering transportation of satellites to space. A space analyst from Frost[&]Suliva, Aman Pannu, foresees that, by 2021, there will be more that 1,200 satellites launched into the orbit. Google owns about 13 satellites around the Earth and is planning to launch more in the future. Facebooks follows the idea of world connectivity and launches satellites over Africa to provide the internet on the continent. The connection will boost the African economy in times, ensuring the long-awaited development of the area.

Why should
you care?

There are utilities in the daily life which can not be seen or touched but are essential for maintaining lifestyle and work processes. One of them is energy and another one is connection. While the concept and sources of energy are clear for customers, the question where does the connection come from is not the most thought about.

Satellites are artificial objects placed in orbit to transfer and receive information sent from the Earth. For consumers, it distributes television signals directly to homes, provides internet to smartphones, ensures correct navigation through GPS-based systems. Moreover, communication satellites are essential for businesses and manufacturing. It is an important tool for global corporations in terms of video conferencing and flawless customer service. Logistics and supply chain are fully dependent on the quality of connection. Operators have to be aware of where are the products even in the most distant and rural areas. Banking systems make all the operations digitally and any break in the line can cost a fortune and undermine clients’ trust. Instant credit card authorization and net-banking services lead to virtual wallets and cashless society.

In addition, safety and privacy issues, especially in the fully connected with Internet of Things future, can be provided with private satellites. Global security may be ensured with a high-class monitoring. Therefore, countries like USA, Russia, China and others, are constantly placing own satellites. It is a strategic tool providing and internal and international information on all happenings in the world from weather and climate change, to military operations.

SpaceX and its impact
on the space business

Outer space has become a competitive industry since private companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX have entered the market. SpaceX was founded back in 2002 with the primary goal to enable people to live outside the Earth. On the way to accomplishing the high goal, company designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, transports packages like satellites into orbit.

SpaceX’s competitive advantage is its low prices and accelerated launch schedules and a solid safety record. However, out of 70 launches, two have been with setbacks. First one happened in December 2015, when the SpaceX’s rocket with a NASA cargo fell apart in flight. And the second one, in September 2016, when the Facebook satellite blew up even before the launch. Most analysts are worried about the negative impact of the accidents not only to SpaceX but the industry as a[nbsp]whole. However, they should not forget that space logistics is still relatively new industry, and it will have it’s ups and downs. The growing demand for the satellites transportation will only boost industry, and shortfalls will make the rockets and its launches safer.

Notwithstanding the SpaceX challenges, let’s not forget Elon Musk’s primary purpose of establishing the company – “making life multi-planetary and going to Mars”:

Return of
space fashion

No doubt that innovative minds will be investing in the idea of living on other planets. Meanwhile, same space concepts are coming back from the 90s to the next decade of fashion, art, movies, and culture. The comeback of Star Track and Star Wars on the screens support the trend. Fashion designers grab the metallic materials and utility jumpsuits to podiums. Even hair stylist experiment with covering with stardust futuristic blue and violet hair color. It might be one of the signs that people are ready to let go and investigate new horizons. At the same time, it is a sign of escape from the daily worries to a fantasy world of the better future. Click here to read more on the cocooning-behavior trend and its meaning.

Insight Box

Leaving the idea of moving to Mars tomorrow, leading innovative companies invest in launching satellites expanding the worldwide connectivity. It will boost smart technologies and improve Internet of Things capabilities.

Moreover, the idea of space exploration takes over the culture, art, and fashion. Consumers expect the futuristic approach from the companies in the visions, strategies, and marketing.

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